Coral Reefs are the most colorful places on Earth,
yet we can't see them easily.

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to see a coral reef in person, the dim light and ocean water makes it difficult to appreciate the natural beauty in all its glory.

Water appears deep blue because it obscures and filters sunlight - very effectively. Just a few feet below the surface, the ocean water removes most of the red and yellow light that gives vibrance to our world. Deep down it is blue - just blue. Without artificial light, and lots of it, colors get reduced to their blue content. Blue is bright, reds and yellows are dim. Red and yellow are so dim, in fact, that brilliant crimson red appears black and totally colorless in the deep ocean.

The magic of this collection of images is the reproduction of the truly spectacular colors of the reef, made possible through the application of specialized equipment and techniques developed over thirty years of experience imaging underwater. By getting extremely close, using intense light sources and photographing the reef in a matrix of overlapping images, a landscape view of a coral reef becomes a magnificent reality.

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Camana Bay Reef